September 1, 2018
(CONTROL-C004) PVC Insulation-Braided Screen-PVC Sheathed
September 8, 2018
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We offer thermocouple that are widely used in Various industries as temperature sensing element.A wide O Or ange of temperature from -50 C to 1600 C are available. All standard element sizes are available with weather proof and explosion proof heads.Insulation is provided by means of mineral insulation of ceramics beads with grounded or undergrounded junction.


Base Metal Thermocouple
Type K, T, J, E, N, R, S
Protection Sheath Material Seamless SS316 , SS310 , HRS 446, Nickel Hastalloy , Ceramic , Silicon Cabide , Titanum , Monel Etc.
Configurations Simplex , Duplex , Multi Point
Nobel Metal Thermocouple
Type     R, S, B
Protection Sheath Materia Ceramic ( KER-710 ) 610 , Silicon Carbide , Inconel Etc.
Configurations Simplex , Duplex , Multi Point
Length As per requirement.

| Squeezed Thermocoupe with small tip dia.

| Tri-Level Thermocouple.

| Coated Thermocouple (Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, PTFE, Steatite etc.

| High Temperature ceramic spout limit.

| Special Sensors as per ASTM-E235. O

| W/WR Suitable upto 2300 C


| Fore-Hearth Thermocouple

| Distributors Thermocouple

| Furnace Bottom Thermocouple

| Furnace Crown Thermocouple

| Refiner Thermocouple

| Spout Bowl Thermocouple

| Annealing Lehr Thermocouple

| Stack/Flue Gas Thermocouple

| Tin Bath Thermcoouple

| Glass Level Probes

| Comensating Cables

| Quick Disconnecting Connectors

| Pressure Probes