(H-TEMP-C008) Silicon-Silicon
August 7, 2018
(H-TEMP-C010) Polyimide-Polyimide
August 7, 2018
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(H-TEMP-C009) Silicon-Copper Braided Screen-Silicon

Technical Details

Design Standard As per IS 9968, IS 6380, IS 8130
Conductor Annealed Bare Copper/Tinned Plated Copper/Silver Plated Copper/ Nickel Plate Copper
Conductor Type Flexible
Conductor Size 0.50/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5 or variant as per customer specifications
Insulation Extruded Silicon
Colour Up to 5 Cores by different colour above black colour with numbering
Isolator All cores laid up together and isolated with polyester tape
Screening Tinned Copper/Bare Copper/Nickel Plated Copper/Silver Plated Copper
Outer Sheath Extruded Silicon
Voltage Grade 300V / 600 V / 1100 V
Tested Voltage
  • 1500 V for 300 Voltage Grade
  • 2000 V for 600 Voltage Grade
  • 3000 V for 1000 Voltage Grade
Temperature Range -50 Deg C to 180 Deg C


  • For Signal & Data Transmission used in measurement & control technology in high temperature zone
  • Analogue & Digital signal transmission
  • Industry plant, power station, refineries, petrochemical plants etc.
  • Industry plant, power station, refineries, petrochemical plants etc.
  • In Defence, Aerospace, Pharma, Fertilizer, Glass , Steel & Sponge, Cement, Nuclear & many more sectors.


  • Flame retardant according to IEC60332
  • Temperature range up to 180 Deg C for continues use, 250 Deg C for short term
  • Halogen Free & Low smoke
  • Shielding to reduce noise & external electromagnetic interference
  • Enhance thermal, electrical & fire properties
  • Superb flexibility
  • Smooth surface finishing
  • Good Dielectric Strength
  • Good Insulation resistance