Thermocouple & Extension Cables

Thermocouple cables are available in thermocouple grade, extension grade & compensating grade. Extension & compensating cable is recommended for use in connecting thermocouples to the sensing or control equipment. Whereas thermocouple wire is used to measure the temperature directly.

Type Conductor Used Measuring & Ambient temperature Used for
Thermocouple Cables Use same conductor element as of original thermocouple (Class 1 accuracy) Both Measuring & Ambient Up to thermocouple highest range Used as a flexible thermocouple up to 1200 Deg C
Extension Cables Use same element as of thermocouple with lower accuracy Measuring : Up to 900 °C with best accuracy Ambient : Up to 200 ° C Used to extend the signal from sensor to remote measuring instruments
Compensating Cables Made of different alloys which have similar thermo power characteristics as of thermocouple over a limited temperature Measuring : Up to 900 °C
Ambient : Up to 100 ° C
Cheapest solution to extend a signal from sensor to remote measuring instruments over a limited temperature range

Special Features :

  • Standard/ Speical accuracy as per IEC 60584.3 & ASTM E230/77 Single Pair/Multi Pair
  • Better selectivity of conductors as per your applications
  • Insulation range up to 1200 Deg C as per your application